Subsea Integrity Management

  • Expertise
  • Subsea Integrity Management
The Inspection, Maintenance and Repair engineering performed in-house considers Subsea equipment technology and morphology specificities. All IMR works are made by taking all benefits of a regular missions on site such as Subsea inspection campaigns, field commissioning / start-up and subsea repair operations. DORIS Marine has developed a client-oriented-expertise to help Customers in their decisions making in terms of asset integrity management strategy and OPEX optimization process. All these core of competences can be applied to Marine Renewable Energy fields including inspectability in design, modularity, etc...

Core Competences

Inspection Engineering

  • Inspectability reviews
  • Inspection manuals
  • Recommendation for monitoring systems
  • Monitoring devices Qualification & Testing follow-up
  • Inspection & Monitoring plan definition
  • 3D illustrated reporting forms
  • Preparation for pigging
  • Risk Based Inspection (RBI)

Maintenance & Repair Databooks

  • Maintenance & Inspection Engineering Contract (MIEC)
  • Maintainability aspects (ROV access & modularity, spare parts recommendations…)
  • Optimisation of local service contracts
  • Subsea modular intervention routines
  • Monitoring
  • Subsea Maintenance plan
  • Criticality analysis
  • ROV tools databook

Subsea Inspection Services

  • Preparatory phase
  • Tools selection and calibration
  • On-site inspection works execution
  • Back office reporting works
  • Database population (BLUEBASE™)
  • Subsea handbook
  • Qualified subsea inspectors (CSWIP)

Monitoring Data Analysis

  • Monitoring devices specification writing
  • Monitoring Data processing and analyses
  • Independent numerical simulations
  • Diagnostics performance
  • Recommendations

Emergency Response Systems & Strategies (ERS & EPRS)

  • Failure causes and severity classification
  • FMECA and RAM reviews
  • Definition of repair solutions
  • Definition of associated contracting strategies
  • Basic and detailed engineering for complete repair package solutions
  • Review of supplier’s installation documentation
  • Analysis of repair scenarii
  • Definition of potential engineering studies
  • Spare parts recommendations and contracting strategy/installation aids

Reliability & Availability

  • Optimisation of subsea spare parts
  • Optimisation of planned intervention vessel time
  • Subsea design susceptibility and consequences of failure

Incident Investigation

  • Failure Trend Analysis
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Corrective Actions Definition