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DORIS Marine training objective is simple: delivering you a solid practical and operational information provided by senior engineers with both academic and field experience. Also, the training program can be fully tailored to your specific technology or environment and to your budget

Typical Attendees

We have trained over 700 engineers in the world working for National and International Oil Companies, for Offshore Contractors, for Wind Turbine Operators, even for Petroleum Ministries. Typical attendees are listed below:
  • Subsea Engineer
  • Field Site Operators
  • Inspection Engineers
  • Maintenance Engineers
  • Installation Engineers
  • Lifting Operation Engineers
  • Site Lifting Superintendent
  • Petroleum Institute Students
  • etc...

Typical Training Programs

  • Marine Construction
    • Offshore Lifting Operations
    • Laying analysis & operations
    • ROV/Diving operations
  • Design
    • Pipeline & Riser design
    • Flexible flowlines & risers
    • Subsea structures
  • Flow Assurance
    • Field architecture and subsea processing
    • Flow & Thermal analysis
    • Hydrates & Deposits (wax, asphaltenes,…) management
  • Integrity Management: Maintenance, Inspection & Repair
    • SURF/SPS Integrity management
    • Subsea Inspection
    • In-line Inspection Techniques