Subsea System Design

  • Expertise
  • Subsea System Design
DORIS Marine capabilities extend from pipeline, jumpers and risers design to dedicated installation aids or more complex subsea structures design including Flow Assurance typically during conceptual / pre-FEED engineering and during life of field on maintenance & repair jobs. In the Marine Renewable Energy market, DORIS Marine expertise in Subsea System Design is applicable to foundation design, mooring design & analysis, power cable dynamic configuration, stability, shore approach & trenching analysis. Our engineers have multidisciplinary profiles and a strong field experience in both conventional and deepwater projects. Analyses performed in-house are completed by a large site experience in equipment testing, commissioning as well as field assistance for start-up, testing and dedicated operations

Core Competences

Pipelines & Risers Design

  • Strength design
  • Hydraulic and thermal sizing
  • Material selection
  • Corrosion protection
  • On-bottom stability
  • Mechanical protection
  • Free-span studies
  • Dynamic analysis
  • Pipelines requalification

Subsea Structures Design

  • Structural design
  • Foundation design
  • Corrosion protection
  • Mechanical protection
  • ROV interfaces

Offshore Terminal Design

  • Shore approach design
  • Mooring design
  • PLEM and subsea pig launcher/ receiver design
  • Subsea and floating hoses specification and configuration design

Field architecture screening

  • Field general arrangement and subsea layout including subsea process
  • Pipe routing integrating thermal, hydraulic and operating constraints
  • Production network concept including riser & flowline conceptual design

Multiphase flow management

  • Production flow limitation
  • Minimum flow for stability
  • Slug
  • Debottlenecking
  • Subsea Processing
  • Thermal criteria
  • Erosion

Water hammer analysis

  • Transient operations of single phase liquid
  • Offloading lines and complex networks
  • Topside pumping equipment
  • Impact on relief device
  • Emergency Shut Down (ESD) sizing.

In-place Analysis & Fatigue

  • External & Operational loading
  • Mooring analysis
  • Vortex Induced Vibrations
  • Fatigue (Time domain, Spectral approach, Frequency domain)
  • In-place structural analysis

Thermal design and equipment performance tests

  • Concept thermal performance
  • Thermal design
  • Insulation design
  • Thermal tests
  • Complex thermal analyses

Operating philosophy & procedures

  • Strategy & Procedure for start-up, Turn-down, Re-start
  • Preservation
  • Pigging
  • Hydrate mitigation & remediation
  • Erosion